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    Industrial Pulp Molded Insert Trays Making Machine

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What is Industrial Pulp Molded Insert Trays Making Machine

SHM provide series of paper pulp moulding production line for small and large capacity production, they can recycle the fiber board to make packaging tray pulp molded shipping holder,recycled molded pulp tray, electronic shockproof packaging,recycled cardboard container, electronic packaging trays,pulp packaging insert etc. 

Paper pulp moulding production line use raw material natural fiber-based renewable resources.

Industrial pulp molded machine also could be paper bowl machine, rotary model pulp moulding machine, egg tray machine.

SHM also developed different molding dies, we devoted to the design and manufacture of pulp moulding dies, pulp moulding machines, hot pressing equipment and hot press dies. We accept customized pulp molding shape and molded pulp tray, such as egg carton mold, shoe tray molding machine, apple tray making machine etc.

Looking for a custom product, we offer prototype tooling in our work shop. With SHM sample pulp moulding machine you can produce custom molded pulp trays. This will ensure the product your customer needs is what they get.


Paper tray making machine

paper crafts making machine.jpg

Pulp molding machine assembly instructions:

1. Forming machine 

2. Hydrapulper

3. Air Compressor 

4. Air compressor storage tank

5. Agitator 

6. Control cabinet

7. Pulp pump 

8. Pulp pool 

9. Water pool 

10. Vacuum pump 

11. Receiving table

12. Metal stairs

13. Hot-pressing machine(optional)

14. Edge trimming machine(optional)

15. Metal drying line(optional)


Small pulp molding machinery for sale

1.Normal model:SHW-360A, machine size: 4100X2100X2700mm,SHW-360B, machine size: 2900X1800X2000mm,Platen size: 550*500mm,Mould size: 450 x 400 mm

2.Minimum number of units: up to your product size

3.Forming efficiency: 0-4 times/minute 

4.Production line overall dimension: length≥4m,width≥2m, the finished products room must be greater or equal to 100m²

5. Production line total power: 18kw-28kw. Actual total energy power consumption by 70%.

6. This production line is configured as standard, if it is used to produce egg cartons recyclable,fruit and vegetable display trays, disposable coffee tray, bagasse pulp plate etc, it needs auxiliary equipment, like hot press machine, edge trimming machine, or printing machine etc. Corresponding area, total power, worker quantity will be increased.

7. The water is recycled, it needs to be changed when it recycled several times. 

8. SHM is in charge of installation, debugging and training,and we also provide a one-year warranty service after installation.


Small sized production pulp molding machine features.jpg

SHM Integrated pulp molded machine character:

- It is a integrated machine, no infrastructure required, small, easy control, robust stainless steel construction, built-in air compressor and reservoir, cost-effective, energy saving, suitable for  degradable paper pulp packaging production like egg trays/cartons, nursery pots, tableware, all kinds of industrial packaging trays.

- Only one container is enough to delivery, saving the transportation cost

- No waste water and slag are discharged.

- Different integrated machine capacity is flexible from lab scale to 1 ton/day.


Why choose a small scale pulp making machine?

With the objectives of identifying important variables in the molded pulp process, pulps and white water samples from an industrial pulp and paper mill were analyzed at the laboratory scale. The laboratory trials were carried out using a factorial design. The laboratory trays represent well the behaviour of the industrial trays. Also, the suspended solids of white water at laboratory reproduce the quality of industrial water correctly. Finally, the establishment of reference values for the raw material quality indices is an interesting technique for those mills that use recycled paper. So more and more colleges purchasing this kind of small pulp molding machine for their lab.

Please feel free to send us an inquiry if you want to consult this kind of Small Laboratory Pulp Molding Machine. You can get this kind of small paper pulp molding machine by online from Shuanghuan.

OPTIONAL ACCESSORIESOptional accessories

1.Metal drying line/Shelf: since the product quantity is small, you can just let them dry on the shelf, more cost-effective than metal drying line.

2.Hot pressing machine pulp: for shaping the products, like food containers, cell phone trays.

3.Edge trimming machine: make the edge smoothly.


What’s the raw material.jpg

What’s the raw material?

Make paper egg tray raw material: cardboard,newspapers notebooks, magazines, A4 paper,used egg trays, recycled paper products.

Custom industrial molded pulp packaging:Bagasse pulp sheet, straw pulp sheet, bamboo pulp sheet etc.


Why choose SHM?


SHM is a global supplier of high-quality molded fiber packaging production lines, we provide sustainable and innovative solutions for the food service and packaging market. 

In 1989, the founder of the company Mr Chao started his work at pulp molding industry, and holds a number of pulp molding patents. 

In 2007, SHM was established.

In 2014, SHM participated in the formulation of industry standards for pulp molding in China.    

Automatic pulp molding equipment factory direct, SHM team pay great importance to quality;

Approvals from Top 5 USA packaging companies;

Have CE and ISO9001 certificates;

SHM owns 40+patents for fiber molded machines.




1. Engineering research and technical consultation;

2. Manufacture;

3. Project Schedule;

4. Preparation of documents and drawings; 

5. Training of maintenance and operation personnel; 

6. Guide Assembly line installation; 

7. Electrical and mechanical design;

8. System integration; 

9. System test and handover; 

10. One year of after-sales support; 

11. Spare parts are included; 

12. Installation within the scope of supply;

13 Operation support for the buyer’s factory;

14. System test after equipment delivery;

15. Documentation of assemble line.





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