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    Coffee Cup Tray Making Machine

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Lab scale pulp molding machine

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Coffee Cup Tray Making Machine

High efficiency automatic paper make machinery, coffee cup tray making machine also called kraft paper tray machine for coffee cup carrier / paper pulp egg tray molding machine. Machine could make 4 pack pulp disposable drink coffee paper cup carrier holder tray, bamboo pulp biodegradable dry pressing custom manufacturer cup container 2 pieces paper tray molded pulp for coffee holder.

SHM fully automatic moulded fibre packaging production lines are designed for continuous operation and medium/high volume, trouble-free production of egg and fruit trays/boxes. Optimal production processes are ensuring smooth operation and reduced manning, which are key drivers to keep the operation costs at a minimum. 

You can choose from a large variety of traditional and innovative egg tray moulds, designed for maximum egg protection, high stability and easy handling. SHM is a leading pulp molding machine manufacturers in China, could provide you complete solutions for production of egg moulded fibre packaging & fruit packaging, all egg packaging products are based on recycled paper, which is a renewable and biodegradable resource. 

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Scope of supply:

Pulp preparation system 

Rotary moulding machine with customized moulds

Continuous multi-layer drying oven

Air heater with gas or oil fired burner and heat exchanger

Intermediate frame with two endless chains and carriers

Product conveyor

Product stacker

Vacuum system

Bundle press

Control cabinets

Spare parts for one years

Supervision of installation, training, operation and maintenance manuals



Related Parameters:

1. Outline dimension:24000x2640x3500mm

2. Number of layers: 6 layers

3. Fore dynamics: 1set

4. Poster dynamics: 1set

5. Pallet: chromate treatment

6. Operating temperature: 100-300℃

SHM multi-layer dryers have a high airflow, energy efficient operation and provide an excellent product quality.The dryer can be designed for all fuel types.


Equipment related parameters:

Equipment related parameters- Power: 11KW;

- Consist of 8pcs of forming platens and 1 piece of transfer platen;

- Platen size: 1800 x 450mm. 5pcs of 30-cell egg tray molds can be mounted on each forming platen(5pcs/cycle).There are 40pcs of forming molds and 5pcs of transfer molds in total;

- Forming efficiency:20-21cycles/min;

- quip with vacuum auto drain system, preheating system, auto cleaning system for the forming mold and auto control cabinet. 

Sample pictures

From the same unit, you can also produce fruit trays for horticulture produce like apples, orange, etc, and also egg cartons or egg boxes. Egg Trays are often called filler trays and usually have 30 pockets i.e., they hold 30 eggs. Eggs are either sold uncovered in the tray or wrapped with plastic film.

Eggs come on market in boxes of different shapes and sizes and that can be designed for different egg number.


How do I start my own cup holder tray machine business?

Pulp molding take out takeaway cup holder tray making machine, using raw material like recycle paper, biodegradable bamboo pulp by rotary model pulp molding machine, after forming, drying and dry pressing, it can produce 2/4 cups take out cup holders.SHM can offer you a wide range of moulds for other products including apple trays, berry trays, melon trays, hospital bowls, etc. 




Raw Materials for Egg Tray Machine

SHM egg tray making machine, from the primary raw materials used to the final whole production process, compared to plastic egg tray making machine, paper egg tray machine has carried out an environmentally friendly production process. Biodegradable materials are processed to make the egg trays hard enough and 100% biodegradable and recyclable. Basic raw materials are the paper waste. Paper pulp is soft material but pulp molded products viz trays being an integrated structure have suitable rigidity, good flexibility, and stiffness which makes it a suitable package for shockproof performance.

The waste paper can be old newspapers,100% carton, old books, old hard paper case, waste paper cup and so on.  You can produce all colors of egg tray box, such as blue, pink, white, green, yellow and son on. It is a very interesting thing.  SHM has egg carton tray machine for sale.


Why choose SHM?

SHM is a global supplier of high-quality molded fiber packaging production lines, we provide sustainable and innovative solutions for the food service and packaging market. 

In 1989, the founder of the company Mr Chao started his work at pulp molding industry, and holds a number of pulp molding patents. 

In 2007, SHM was established.

In 2014, SHM participated in the formulation of industry standards for pulp molding in China.    

Automatic pulp molding equipment factory direct, SHM team pay great importance to quality;

Approvals from Top 5 USA packaging companies;

Have CE and ISO9001 certificates;

SHM owns 40+patents for fiber molded machines.




1. Engineering research and technical consultation;

2. Manufacture;

3. Project Schedule;

4. Preparation of documents and drawings; 

5. Training of maintenance and operation personnel; 

6. Guide Assembly line installation; 

7. Electrical and mechanical design;

8. System integration; 

9. System test and handover; 

10. One year of after-sales support; 

11. Spare parts are included; 

12. Installation within the scope of supply;

13 Operation support for the buyer’s factory;

14. System test after equipment delivery;

15. Documentation of assemble line.





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